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Coffee-We like to talk about it, take pictures of it, and of course above all else, drink it.

Moms have a special relationship to coffee. When you’ve been up for hours during the night tending a baby, household duties constantly piling up, work beckoning, there’s something pretty awesome special about being able to delve into a cup of goodness that gives you a mental boost, makes you feel *at least for a moment* that you’re able to tackle the world; and by golly, it’s just so darn delicious!

Hot, cold, black, creamy, sweetened, unsweetened, caffeinated, decaffeinated, cheap or top of the notch, it’s a drink that has bridged the gap between the pauper and the aristocrat, the parent and the teen, the professional and the non-professional.

I asked a few friends who are moms to share  a short description of their favorite coffee routine and a picture, so if you want to read what they shared, and maybe try out a new coffee brand, check out what these moms are drinking.

11118432_10153331307596287_1936908580_n  Tiffany, a dear friend of mine was a Memphis girl who has since moved to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina; she stays busy with her home business, raising 4 boys, and running half marathons. Here’s what she says:

” I like to drink my coffee after a workout and my bible reading, so at about 9:00am. I have a coffee pot that makes just enough for me to fill my mug all the way with just a bit leftover to add to it afterwards.  My favorite brew is Starbucks Mocha and I add a little bit of coconut milk creamer. I don’t drink it every day; about 3-4 times a week.”


image  Sandi is a mom of 8 beautiful children; more handsome really, because 7 of them are boys!  Sandi is friendly and kind, sells health/beauty products, loves and serves her kids and husband, and though we’ve only been able to share an online relationship, I think she’d be a great lady to sit down with in person and have a chat.

She says that: “The coffee matters less to me than the location. I like to relax with a cup in an aesthetically pleasing spot. I love a great view! My dad brings me  enough Honduran coffee beans to last me a year on his annual mission trip(s). I grind one cup at a time in a Solofill and use a Keurig Vue to brew. I add whole milk and a tsp. of sugar. I also begin my time with the Father during this cup so that makes it the most special!”


image  Michelle is a fun loving mom of teens and tots, she’s currently homeschooling her elementary, middle school and high-school grade children and amidst a busy social life she says her coffee routine varies, but her ultimate coffee experience is:

” I like a fresh brewed cup of extra hot Jose’s Coffee in the mug that my son bought at a garage sale for a dime when he was a little boy and gave to me as a gift (as seen in photo). Sweetened with a scant teaspoon of sugar and a healthy swirl of half and half and delivered to me in bed by my husband. More typical is waking early and brewing coffee for my husband and I and sometimes we have the blessing of sharing a conversation while sitting in the back yard. Other times I  run out the door juggling my keys, phone, water bottle, toast, purse and the mug of hot coffee as I rush to meet a friend for an early morning workout. Whatever the morning, coffee will be had.”


image   Ashley is a school teacher and mom of 2 darling girls. She is a passionate, fun and dedicated woman; and I might add she’s a bit of a fashionista. She says, “As a teacher, coffee is an integral part of my daily routine-my fuel to wake me up and get me going. Any of my students would tell you I teach the first hour of school with thermal mug in hand.  My ideal cup is Gevalia House Blend, perfectly doused with French vanilla creamer and a hint of Stevia. On summer mornings I’ll sit in an armchair,  wrapped in my fav blanket, and sip my coffee while watching the Today Show or reading a good book. ”


image  Gail  is a woman who knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. She raised 12 children and is a grandmother to close to 30 grandchildren. And if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s a Sheltie breeder and buys and sells Sheltie pups all throughout Georgia and Florida. I happen to be one of the privileged who calls her Mom.

She says, “I enjoy my latte early in the morning. I make it with raw milk, Earth’s Pride Organic Coffee, a splash of vanilla, Stevia, and whipped cream. I either drink it outside or on the living room couch. I like to have time with God with my coffee.”


As for me, there’s nothing better  than consuming a scathing hot cup of strong Dunkin Dark coffee brewed right here at home while sitting outside watching the sunrise. I always heat my half and half before adding it to the coffee and then sprinkle refined white sugar into the swirling goodness.
I rarely get coffee when I’m out and about, but if I do, the hot lattes at Axum Coffee in Winter Garden are AMAZING and if I have the time and opportunity of visiting a coffeeshop, I go there.


To you, my other mutual coffee drinkers, I’d love to hear from you–How do you take your coffee?




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