A Short Series of Unfortunate Events


How was your week?

For me it was a week peppered with inconveniences and out of the blue surprises.

On Wednesday our septic tank backed up and we had to call out a septic guy and dish out $275.00 to get that taken care of.

Thanks to Pedro, we’re cleared up again


Thursday, my two older boys  AND I came down with some sickness that came on fast and intense. I’m not used to that. When I start feeling icky I’m generally able to talk myself out of it. Don’t got time fo that! But this time around– Nsm.

The kids and I had planned on doing a Sea World trip on Friday…….

Scrap that!


Friday afternoon was upon us and four more of the kids got sick. Talk about staying busy with administering cool cloths for headaches, checking temps, administering water/juice and back rubs, removing blankets just to replace the blankets, every now and then taking a Tylenol, etc.

Nothing terribly frightening, just a bunch of moaning individuals who wanted to lie around and do nada. Very unusual for this crew.

I guess it was nice that if we were all going to get sick that it happened all at once!

As Saturday morning rolled around I woke up feeling a TON better and was very relieved , because now the last two kids were sick as well. It’s just easier for some reason to take care of 8 sick kids when you’re feeling good, ya know?

The older boys were also feeling a bit better  on Saturday so we headed outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

Why we picked this activity is beyond me:


We were feeling especially “tired” afterwards.

Thus far Bryan is still feeling pretty good. Which was cool, because it just so happened our gas powered cart stopped working…..


So he checked over it and found a bad alternator and had to order a new one. Shortly after checking that our dishwasher started groaning like a hurt cow…..yeah, you guessed it. It was broken. Bryan removed it to take it apart…..


The good news is he found the problem, ordered a replacement for the malfunctioning part, and the appliance awaits in our shed ready for his handy dandy hands to put it back together come next weekend……Considering this is a super cheap dishwasher used by 10 people multiple times a day, I’m not surprised it goes bad on us about every 6 months.

Besides, Elise says it’s kind of fun to have to wash dishes by hand


I must insert picture of my handy dandy man, because he is just that. In so many ways.


Between the moanings of the children, the groanings of the dishwasher, the bemoanings of Bryan and I as things fall apart around here, I walk outside and looked around me. I felt the sun beat against my skin…. the weather was fabulous! It was actually kind of a nice weekend in a non traditional sense.

I had enjoyed the rather quiet time of watching old movies, tending the little ones to alleviate as much discomfort in the most natural ways possible, having this little leg grabber follow me around NON-STOP in an adoring way……He’s got me wrapped up all around his heart.


On Sunday, Bryan watched the kids while I took a 6 mile bike ride ALL BY MYSELF. It was lovely.


This week hasn’t been by the book perfect, no indeed; we’ve been sick, had to spend $500 on various household fixes, but that’s life and how it goes. I’ve actually had a pretty good weekend come to think of it.  And as Monday came rolling around we were all feeling almost 100 %.

God is good. Always.

Take care and comb your hair,


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