3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Laundry Pile in Control


Hooray! A solution to our never ending laundry piles >>Light your laundry on fire. Sprinkle ashes on garden beds/compost.

There, it’s settled.

The reality is that there is no secret to getting laundry done other than just doing it. Kind of annoying, right?
I’ve never had a laundry room that had space for anything other than the appliances, so I would generally  remove the laundry from the dryer and carry it to my bed.  A perfect folding location, yes?

Unfortunately, every night when we’d get ready for bed there always seemed to be at least 1 load of clean laundry still unfolded on the bed. We would consistently take the pile of laundry and move it to the floor or a nearby chair.

One night after removing the laundry from the bed once again, Bryan says, “My marriage bed has been defiled!” I laughed. (Not that marriage bed defilement is funny, mind you.)

As our family grew, so did the laundry pile. Pretty soon that one pile of laundry on the bed was looking more like Mt. Everest each night.

Eventually I got sick and tired of the “marriage bed defilement” and decided to do something about it.

These 3 simple tips help me tackle the mountain on a daily basis:


 1. Make it a specific daily chore No matter what day you show up here:

1. Laundry switch (starting loads and switching to dryer)
2. Laundry fold
3. Laundry put away  are on my kids’ chore list. (Yes, I do sometimes help them with it.) It’s not a chore that is up for grabs or left for me to maybe get it done. It’s always on the list of daily chores and always has a specific person(s) doing it.

Maya (7) rocking out to Lifehouse and doing her laundry chores


2. Unfolded laundry is not allowed in the bedroom  My clean laundry is now placed in a public area in the living room. I don’t put it in my bedroom or some hidden, out of the way hamper/basket.  When laundry is finished, it gets placed  in the living room. Why? Because when something is taking up space in my living room and constantly in my sight, there’s a way better chance it’s going to get taken care of, pronto.


It’s also nice to have my bed back


3Limited wardrobe With any number of kids laundry gets backed up, but with 8…..yeah. I have found that by limiting how much clothes we even own helps in minimizing laundry pile up. After 2 days of not laundering, there’s pretty much nothing that’s worth wearing in my kids’ clothes drawers, so if I want them to have their 1 or 2 pair of good jeans, shorts, shirts, dress, etc. they need to be washed as quickly as possible ie; daily.


This is a guideline made to help me, not control me, so don’t think laundry is forever complete and perfectly done around here.

It’s NOT always finished, and if I’ve procrastinated, been extra busy, or the kids haven’t completed every chore and people are about to show up at my house,  I’ll disregard my own rule and throw a load of clean laundry into the master bedroom, out of sight and out of mind. (Gasp)


Do you have any laundry tips and secrets for us? Where is your “go to” spot for placing the unfolded clean laundry and does it affect the time in which you get to it?

Maybe you’re wonderfully laid back and truly don’t mind if the laundry is everywhere… If so, please send me some of your medicine. :)


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2 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Laundry Pile in Control

  1. Thats the truth sister! A daily chore for us. our oldest 3 have their own basket. I divide to their baskets..they put away theirs and a younger brothers clothes. I gave up the control of perfectly folded clothes but pro outweighed unfolded shirts for this mama!